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Successful companies, nonprofits, and government agencies know that if they don't invest in their employees' professional development, their bottom line will suffer. However, many organizations are often unaware that problems can also arise from not investing in their employees' personal health and wellness.

When employees are unhealthy, physically, mentally, or emotionally, they are unable or unmotivated to perform at their peak ability, This hinders the organization's ability to meet its business or mission objectives. In addition there are direct costs associated with an unhealthy workforce, from paid sick days to increases in already sky-high insurance premiums.

Some organizations have acknowledged these problems and have implemented wellness programs to try to combat these issues. Unfortunately, most of those programs are not providing the maximum value, to the organization or its employees, for several reasons:

  • Most programs today are limited to one-way interactions, from employer to employee. For example, a company may offer to pay for its workers' health club fees; however, there is little to no data coming back to the organization to be able to measure the effectiveness of these programs.
  • While some programs enable participants to report back on their progress, the reporting mechanisms are often cumbersome and inconvenient to work with, so employees simply stop using them.
  • New regulations under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will require wellness programs to be managed electronically and meet specific data reporting requirements not possible with current systems. Many organizations will be forced to rebuild their programs from scratch, incurring additional costs.

The BWell solution helps organizations transform their wellness initiatives into strategic investments by providing incentives for employees to participate, delivering sophisticated reporting to measure program effectiveness and building a flexible, scalable and secure technology framework that will support future ACA compliance requirements.

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