The employee wellness solution for forward-thinking organizations

The BWell Solution

BWell helps organizations transform their wellness initiatives to deliver measurable returns and wellness analytics for all. By integrating innovative health and fitness technology solutions and services into employees' everyday lives, BWell delivers wellness rewards, recognition, compliance (ACA) and proof your wellness program will reduce healthcare costs and enable your employees to reach their full potential.

Motivating Employees

Using BWell, employers offer their employees a wide variety of health and fitness devices such as heart rate monitors and pedometers that automatically transmit data to their mobile devices, then sync it with the BWell solution. In those few cases where data must be manually recorded, such as food intake, BWell's intuitive mobile interface makes recording data easy and convenient, reducing barriers to participation.

Employees also have access to real-time reports to be able to measure their progress, providing motivation to continue with the program. Once they reach predetermined milestones, participants can choose from a menu of rewards to celebrate their success. And employees can enroll their spouses and children in the program, extending the benefits to the entire family.

Most important, by making it easy, convenient and fun to participate in the program, employees will enjoy a better quality of life, which translates into better work performance.

Measuring Success

BWell is a patent-pending wellness eco-system that is highly organized and intelligently connected, with specialized knowledge that includes:

  • Predictive analytics and reports based on your employees' real-world health, diet, and activity behaviors so that you can reduce payouts and negotiate the lowest possible rates with your insurers
  • Real-time synchronization with industry leading health and fitness monitor partners to turbo-charge your wellness initiatives
  • Built-in and customized personal incentives to continuously inspire your employees to reach their personal health, diet, and activity goals, reducing costs for themselves and for your business

Bwell Trend Reports give you real-time insight into:

  • Wellness participation and success levels
  • Employee activity trends
  • Quantifiable comparisons of your employees’ behaviors vs. national averages

Wellness Outcomes allow you to

  • visualize and quantify your Wellness successes
  • instantly identify the individuals, groups, demographics and poor health and high cost conditions which may require immediate action

Increase your bargaining power and turn your Wellness investments into direct savings with Bwell Predictive Analysis Reports.

  • Scientifically predict future payouts based on changes in your employees’ behaviors.

Maximize Wellness for Your Business

Wellness is good for your employees and their productivity and now BWell makes wellness profitable! BWell goes beyond the Big Data hype and uses real, quantifiable analytics to prove and maximize the success of your wellness programs, allowing you to dramatically reduce utilization and payouts across your enterprise.

Simplifying Government Compliance

Organizations that invest in BWell today will have a solid technology foundation in place when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations that mandate electronic management of wellness programs kick in. The solution provides flexibility so it can quickly and easily adapt to changing requirements, scalability so it can grow as the program grows over time and strong security controls to protect personal and organizational privacy.

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